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NID Student, Shanvi Gupta designs eco-friendly take away bag for Amul

NID Student, Shanvi Gupta designs eco-friendly takeaway Jute Bag for Amul

NID – The National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, has designed eco-friendly jute bags for Amul parlours across the India. The Jute bags have been designed by Jharkhand-based Shanvi Gupta, a student of NID was launched by RS Sodhi, MD, and under the guidance of professor Shimul Mehta Vyas designer at NID campus in collaboration with jute industry. These bags will be out in the market within the next couple of weeks. GCMMF will begin supplying these eco-friendly takeaway Jute Bag in lots of 10,000 each and will be available in the Ahmedabad city in next 15 days.