After you’ve been funded! What Next?

  • Team ABP
  • June 24, 2016 2:59 am
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So finally your crowdfunding campaign was a big success and you have ample amount of money for your startup.

After you’ve been funded! What Next

What’s next?

Whosoever invested into your business be it crowd funders or customers with great potential on sites like kick starter, now it’s your turn to keep all your investors in a loop about your company the more it grows. A business that ignores people who helped it in getting there will not get you much far. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) takes the reporting of annual finance from all equity crowd funded business and also maintains real and genuine relationships with them.

“A crowd funded company should meet the needs of its investors in order to achieve success. Being recognized among your investor’s builds trust and keep them connected to the company so that they are assured of their money and feel they are a part of the entrepreneurial team who would bring a new concept to life.” says Ron Miller, CEO of Start Engine. He added “the best part of staying connected with your investors is they will be company’s brand ambassador and help in the promotion.” Rowan Gormley, CEO of noted that making strong relationships with your investors can be company’s saving grace in time of need, especially when customers backed by from your business.”Having great relationship with investor’s means an all time support is with you when things go wrong.” says Gormley.

Following are few best practices mentioned for you to maintain healthy relationships with your investors.

Communicate consistently:

Investors feel disconnected from your business, if you are just sharing financial reports once a year. Judd Hollas CEO of EquityNet says having a consistent communication with your investors and keeping them informed about the company is a healthy idea. It’s a good idea to keep your investors engaged within the company and updating them on the new developments, this helps to extract larger values from their experience. For a startup business it’s important to generate investor’s confidence and familiarity into the business which leads to more investments and support by then.

Take advantage of social media:

New era companies are aware that social media is the most important tool for success. You can connect with your investors by communicating and engaging with them through social media channels, through this they may become brand ambassadors for the company. If a crowd funded company is engaging via social media channels with its investors then it can achieve clear, competitive marketing and brand awareness.

Be honest and upfront:

For a crowd funded business honesty is always the best policy. It is bad to make fake promises that you can’t fulfill when you deal with huge number of investors and letting them down whom have put faith and money to your company, this may ruin your company’s potential. Most of the investors fund projects in which they believe and expect to get what they say. If you try to cheat them you may lose your business.

Take a hard look at your website:

Earlier websites used to be the proof of companies credibility but now they are most important to create a brand and help in sales. Design a thoughtful website and take help from your partners in helping you architect and build them. Make it SEO friendly and ask your sales team for good lead generation but promoting the website more.

Woo your new sales partner:

You must hire a staff and a sophisticated sales team in order to promote your business. In modern world it is important to get in touch with your customers digitally and targeting marketing and sales through digital media is important. The above mentioned tips may help you to start your business after you are financially supported.

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