Building a Sense of Teamwork among Staff Members

Building a Sense of Teamwork among Staff Members

In any organisation, obviously everyone is working to aid the company’s production and profit, but it is very important for the members of the firm or institution to have proper mutual trust and understanding with other members maybe someone working under them, their equals or their bosses. Teamwork is made up of two words: “Team” which consists of the working members and “Work” which is the work they do together to achieve a certain objective. But “Teamwork” is a broader concept. it takes into account all the interaction between the team members, the faith they have in other members, and the understanding they carry among themselves. It is very vital for an organization’s productivity and profitability, as teamwork promotes better work atmosphere.

When people work together in the mood of trust and accountability towards a common aim, all other issues are usually put aside and the prime focus shifts towards the tasks to be performed. The major benefits can be:

  • Effective Problem Solving.
  • Newer Opportunities for Improvement.
  • Appropriate Use of Available Resources.

Unless there is no ideal teamwork between the employees or the staff, there won’t be responsible sharing of work, no trust, no joint work efforts etc. What can be the ways to build up such good teamwork aura in the office or workplace?


Candidness can be considered as the trait of the employees to be frank and honest with people as well as their work. If there are any doubts in their mind, it will most likely to build distrust and suspicion. When real teamwork exists, there is more sincerity towards work, and truthfulness with the colleagues.


It would surely be easy for an individual to do the work he wants to do and choose the work amongst options. But this is not possible. Thus team members must willingly accept assignments and work hard to meet the respective deadlines.


A team needs a purpose, ideal direction towards the objective and the goals. The team should work collaboratively to understand the purpose, obey the direction and thus achieve the goals. They should assist one another in finishing the job assigned.


We know how essential it is for the members to trust each other. Obviously when people work together it is common for conflicts to arise, difference of opinions to emerge. But the members should understand how to handle the situation responsibly and professionally. They should interact well with their co-workers and come to a common solution to the obstacles.


One-Man Army is the person who is capable of doing massive work single handily and usually lacks combination play with the team. Such people are an asset to the company but a hindrance in the development of a sense of team work, as they trust only themselves over certain issues. These people should be skilfully explained about the merits of working as a team and should be shown about how the productivity and effectiveness of the work improves exponentially while in a team. Making him understand this simple logic can do wonders for the individual, his team as well as the company.

These can be ways to allow a sense of comfort and understanding between the employees and would encourage them to work as a team. Certainly it depends on one’s mind set, but few little efforts can work like a charm.

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