Castrol Activ – Motorcycle & Scooter Engine Oil gives better engine protection

Give better engine protection by Castrol Activ – Motorcycle & Scooter Engine Oil

Castrol ActivCastrol has announced the arrival of new Castrol Activ, motorcycle engine oil with actibond molecules to give better protection to your motorcycle engine and to help ensure smooth running and reduce piston wear. It is claimed to be the company’s best formulation for continuous protection. Castrol Activ is to give a 50% better protection to your motorcycle engine. It enhances wet clutch friction stability under extreme pressures, minimises engine weathering during ignition, ensures transmission gear defence and warm-up procedures. This oil is intended for use in street and off-road 4-stroke motorcycles.

About the Company:

Castrol India Limited is a British global brand of automotive lubricants offering a wide range of premium lubricating oils for most lubrication applications in India. Castrol India Limited is one of the leading Automotive Lubricant Manufacturing Company In India offering a wide range of oils, Conventional Engine Oils and Specialty Lubricants for Motorcycle, Car, Truck and Tractor.

The Castrol Activ motorcycle engine oil is available in 1L bottles at castrol oil distributors, castrol oil Dealers, motorcycle workshops and retailers in Ahmedabad.

A motorcycle engine is at risk of damage when it’s running normally, warming up, and even when turned off. Castrol India Limited has developed new and improved Castrol Activ with Actibond molecules to provide continuous protection through all the stages of ride.

Castrol Activ – Motorcycle & Scooter Engine Oil Features:

  1. Safe to use
  2. Accurate composition
  3. Longer shelf life
  4. Providing superior engine cleanliness to ensure smooth running
  5. High quality engine oil designed for 4-stroke engines
  6. Surpasses JASO MA, MA2, API SG specifications.
  7. Complete performance protection for the engine, gears & clutch

Castrol Activ Engine Oil Range: 4T 20W-40, 4T 20W-50, 4T 10W-30, SCOOTER 10W-30.

The company recommends the engine oil for use Hero Honda, TVS, Mahindra, Honda, & other leading motorcycle manufacturers in India.

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