NID Student, Shanvi Gupta designs eco-friendly takeaway Jute Bag for Amul

NID student, Shanvi Gupta designs eco-friendly takeaway Jute bag for Amul

NID – The National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, has designed eco-friendly jute bags for Amul parlours across the India. The Jute bags have been designed by Jharkhand-based Shanvi Gupta, a student of NID was launched by RS Sodhi, MD, and under the guidance of professor Shimul Mehta Vyas designer at NID campus in collaboration with jute industry.

NID Student, Shanvi Gupta designs eco-friendly take away bag for Amul

These bags will be out in the market within the next couple of weeks. GCMMF will begin supplying these eco-friendly takeaway Jute Bag in lots of 10,000 each and will be available in the Ahmedabad city in next 15 days. The initiative was undertaken in collaboration with National Jute Board. Anand Milk Union Limited – AMUL will begin from Ahmedabad and later move on to other markets. This project was a part of a major initiative at Innovation Centre for Natural Fibre at The National Institute of Design – NID, Ahmedabad. After a couple of days, if you happen to go buy milk from a nearby AMUL cabin; you may be provided with an eco-friendly take away bag. Before commencing on the design, Jharkhand-based Shanvi underwent a research to understand consumer requirement.

The eco-friendly takeaway Jute Bags will also flaunting the ‘Amul’s green soldiers’ tag. She further plans to work on other natural fibres and take up entrepreneurship. AMUL will give special discounts and incentives to make people use such bags.

Jute fibers are composed primarily of the plant materials cellulose. Jute is a shiny vegetable fiber and one of the most affordable natural fibers.  Jute bags aim to help the environment by encouraging more people all over the world to use earth-friendly bags.

Advantages & Benefits of eco-friendly takeaway Jute Bag

– In the time it takes you to read this, millions of plastic bags are produced
– Very low CO2 footprint
– Jute bags are durable
– biodegradable
– Best Alternative to Plastic
– jute bag is biodegradable
– 100% compostable

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