Ways to Hire the Best Performers for a Small Business

Ways to Hire the Best Performers for a Small Business

It is not necessary that the person who has lot of education, or have degrees would provide your company success. Various marketing statistics shows that there is hardly a correlation between the success of the company and the intelligence of the employee. Not even between the positive results of job interviews and job performance. Because of course you don’t want to hire stupid people who are just bookworms and have collected number of degrees having no practical knowledge. Selection should be purely based on individual’s skills and talents, a person should be interactive with the team.

Pre-interview planning:

Know what you need

The very first factor which should be practiced in every company is the pre-interview planning. The company owners or the head should be clear of what qualities they want in their candidate because it often happens that there is a vast gap between the role of new candidate and the job requirements. One way to improve this is to pen down relevant interview questions before the time as every interviewer is not good at questioning immediately.

Advertise the position

You could also use the medium of advertisements like local and national newspapers, job websites etc. Even you can make use of international website too to get more talented candidates rather just the local ones which ensures you the quantity and quality also.

Understand what work

Understanding what kind of people you want in your company who will serve the best to your company makes a big difference towards your success. If a person is not motivated then it is really difficult to make him motivated whereas the self motivated person would always get success no matter what. There are three main aspects of a candidate’s personality that are need to be considered, drive, curiosity and ethics.

Schedule multiple interviews

Multiple interviews can be conducted to judge the ability and skills of the candidate. The first session could be of the telephonic round in which the candidate’s communication skills can be judges in less than 15 minutes. Then the second interview round can be conducted to assess the basic skills and the third interview in depth which is for the call of job.

In the interview:

Ask the right questions:

The questions must be asked in a way in which not only the person’s qualification and skills could be identified but also how the nature of the person and how will he fit with the company’s culture.

Pay Attention:

Pay attention to the answered questions, make sure of the list of ‘wants’ and then accordingly select the candidate. Also listen to him carefully, notice his body language, facial expressive, personality, etc.

Follow up:

You could makes notes while taking interview about the personality and behavior of the candidate which will help you to take final decision of choosing him.

Trust your instinct:

After doing your work, that is developed a complete overview of the candidate, asked relevant questions, checked their skills and abilities to pursue with the company’s culture, even if you are not sure about your decision then take a day or two and go through the overview and let other interviewer help while taking your decision.

Draw up a core competencies and skills matrix:

Use a grid of having candidate’s name horizontally and their competencies vertically and according to it rate the candidate 1 to 5. Whosoever gets the maximum rating would be the best for the company. And now when you have selected the best employees then do value them because they are the future of your company.

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